My name is Neville Walker and I’m a freelance travel writer, with a string of guidebooks, newspaper and magazine articles to my credit and an unreasonably detailed knowledge of the autoroutes and autobahns of western Europe.

I specialise in European travel, with occasional forays further afield. I divide my time between homes in London – where I live on the fringes of groovy Dalston – and Salzburger Land in Austria, where there’s a shortage of hipsters but the skiing is better.

In this blog I want to make a virtue of going off-piste. The destinations I will highlight are not the most fashionable, the most obvious or the most heavily-promoted, and if I feature a better-known place it will be in an offbeat, unfamiliar way.

If you want to sound off about the blog do it here, or feel free to tweet – I’m TravelNeville on Twitter. You can send the lucrative work offers to rnevillewalker@googlemail.com

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