Timeless Sanary-sur-Mer

Sanary doesn’t change..and to prove it I’m republishing pictures from my 2009 visit. When I revisited in the summer of this year, there was only one view – of Aldous Huxley’s favourite beach – that had changed radically.

Speaking of Huxley, this is his former home – the Villa Huley. A French stonemason made a typo while carving ‘Huxley’ into the gatepost, but the couple liked the name so much they kept it. Like the homes of other Sanary notables, the house is marked with a plaque

Sybille Bedford’s former home in Chemin du Diable isn’t nearly so grand as Huxley’s

Pretty as a jigsaw puzzle, Sanary’s fishing harbour is the key to its appeal

The old-fashioned bandstand could hardly look more French

Sanary is a beach resort, but it’s very low key: no fancy Riviera style beach concessions here.

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